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survey of rural schools and communities

Recruitment and retention in rural communities requires a connection to the stories of a place.

When seeking a job at a rural school, we want a prospective applicant to see more than a job posting - we want them to catch a glimpse of what makes that rural community an appealing place to call home.


To accomplish this, we will be commissioning art, essays, photography, music, and more from rural communities around the country to help tell the story of those places and regions.  These collections will live on a new website designed to promote career opportunities for rural educators.

Below, we share a few design drafts to give you an idea of what this might look like.  These are just mock-up images, but they convey our goal of tying together the stories of individual rural places with the education career opportunities available in those places. 

We can't build a resource like this without your help.  In order to capture the unique narratives of individual rural places, we need input from the people who call those places home.

Are you ready to help future educators find a home in your rural community?  

If so, get started by clicking the link below to head over to our survey:

Want to learn more about why we're taking this approach to address rural teacher shortages?

  • In a survey of nearly 600 rural superintendents, "promoting the advantages of teaching and living in the (rural) area" was rated as one of the top recruitment strategies in their toolkit.

  • Teacher shortages require a nuanced and strategic response - read more HERE.

  • Rural communities desperately need a nationally coordinated effort to address the supply/demand misalignment in the educator workforce.  Read more HERE

Survey of rural schools and communities
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